Do You Really Need a Data Warehouse?

August 14, 2014

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Why Properly Staged Data is Critical to BI System Success

The most common question we have been asked over the last 14 years is “Why do we need a Data Warehouse?” Data warehouses are often perceived as expensive, monolithic, slow and built for old requirements. BI software vendors often go out of their way to tone down the need for one, and recently, some new technologies have been heralded as bringing, “the end of data warehousing.”

Despite these claims, there are many significant reasons why properly staged data is the most important element of Business Analytics system success. And it is now clear that companies with well-designed, enterprise-wide business insight capabilities consistently outperform their peers by wide margins.

In this webinar, Senturus CEO and Co-FounderJohn Peterson dispels a number of myths about data warehouses, addressing: 

  • How integrated data warehouses (or marts) differ from OLTP systems, ODS’s and reporting databases.
  • Why they are a mandatory complement to operational systems.
  • How to correctly design and build a best-practices data warehouse, and not simply a “dumping ground for tables of raw data.”
  • Why the initial architectural foundation for integrated data is so critical to long-term performance, scalability and usability.
  • How to quickly and cost-effectively implement a world-class solution.

Join the experts from Senturus to learn strategies your organization can use to gain the benefits of enterprise-wide business insight while avoiding the downsides typically associated with data warehouses. These proven strategies have been refined over our 14 years of experience delivering successful business intelligence solutions for more than 750 clients.


BI Managers and Professionals; Business Analysts and Business Managers responsible for Enterprise Performance Management and Improvement


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John Peterson
CEO and Co-Founder, Senturus, Inc.

John is the company’s thought leader and visionary. John directs the delivery of all projects with Senturus, providing the bridge of technical and business understanding.