Case Study: Visualizing Complex Data in Tableau

Some data is more difficult to get at and analyze than others. Data coming from social media, emails and surveys is extremely hard to analyze owing to its complex, irregular structure and often times heavy use of text fields. Adding to the challenge is the high cost of an industrial strength database with the horsepower for these kinds of complex analyses.

There is a cost-effective solution. In this webinar recording we show you how to

  • Prepare complex data such as survey data for use in Tableau
  • Get the power of an industrial strength database on a budget

Stop Meeting Like This (SMLT) share its success maximizing the impact of client survey responses (SurveyMonkey, Zoho, Google Forms) using the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, data preparation and the creation of Tableau visualizations.


Jim Pelichowski,
Senturus Inc.

Alia Santini,
Stop Meeting Like This

Presentation outline

  • Getting Tableau to Work with Challenging Data
  • Big Data on a Budget
  • An Introduction to: Stop Meeting Like This
  • Tableau Visualization – Likert Survey Questions
  • Getting There: A Closer Look at Survey Data
  • Challenges Using Unstructured Data
  • Tableau Works Much Better with Data Like This
  • What About Unstructured Data?
  • Solution – Data and Physical Architecture

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