Leveraging TM1 Performance Modeler

October 23, 2014

IBM Planning Analytics/TM1

3 Tips the Manual Doesn’t Tell You

Performance Modeler is a graphical user interface (GUI) that works to make modeling more efficient and intuitive for Cognos TM1.

In this webinar recording, we share three key tips you WON’T find in the product manuals. We'll arm you with the insight to take full advantage of Performance Modeler latest features to streamline modeling and report building.


  • How to set up ragged and unbalanced hierarchies quickly and easily through the Performance Modeler GUI wizard
  • A shortcut method to copy data from an input cube to a reporting cube, without the need to code manually
  • How to move beyond PowerPlay with an alternative way to execute TM1 cube design for integration with Cognos BI

Ken O’Boyle
Senior Planning Architect, Senturus, Inc.