Meet Tableau 10

September 15, 2016


Overview of New Features

Tableau 10 is here! This overview describes the exciting new features and capabilities, including:

  • Design: A fresh look and feel, beautiful visualization defaults and new formatting control
  • Mobile: Quickly design, customize and publish a single dashboard with optimized views for tablets and phones
  • Data integration: Join across databases plus new Google Sheets and Quickbooks connectors
  • Answers through analytics: Make custom territories, filter across data sources and highlight important data with new visual analytics capabilities
  • Web: Dashboard authoring
  • Support for enterprise deployments: Mobile device management, governance features like Desktop license management and more extensibility

Tableau, Quickbooks, Google Sheets


Michael Weinhauer
Practice Area Director and Solutions Architect
Senturus, Inc.

Michael leads the Senturus Tableau practice, oversees the development of the Senturus Enterprise BI Connector for Tableau, and teaches Tableau training workshops. He has worked with 100s of clients in a variety of industries providing him insight into the business requirements as well as the technology. He has experience in predictive analytics, in-memory technologies, and enterprise BI platforms having worked at SAP, IBM, and Cognos.


  • Beautiful by Design
  • Themes
  • Answers Through Analytics
    • Custom territories
    • Data highlighter
    • Cross data source filters
    • Clustering