May 28, 2015

Data Architecture, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Analytics Demystified

Emerging Practices and Technologies to Meet Today’s Requirements

Current data warehouses are not architected to meet current analytics requirements including end user self-service, multiple tools, huge data volumes, visualizations and deeper analysis needs.

During this webinar recording, our special guest Mark Madsen, keynote speaker at the TDWI World Conference, shares his insights into the five major issues facing data warehouses and his solution to increase agility and flexibility.


Mark Madsen
President, Third Nature

Over the past decade, Mark has received awards for his work in data warehousing, business intelligence and data integration from the American Productivity & Quality Center, the Smithsonian Institute and TDWI. He is co-author of Clickstream Data Warehousing, and lectures and writes about business intelligence, emerging technology and data integration. Mark was the keynote speaker at this year’s TDWI World Conference.

Mark is the founder of Third Nature, a firm that researches and consults with companies on new and emerging technology and practices in business intelligence, data integration and information management. He is also a former CTO and CIO with experience working in both IT and vendors, including a stint at a company used as a Harvard Business School case study.