Tableau 9.0 New Features

May 15, 2015


Overview of Business Intelligence Data Analysis Suite

This webinar, hosted by Tableau, provides an overview of the following new features in Tableau version 9.0:

  • Analytics in the Flow: Featuring new Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions that make an expanse of new questions answerable
  • Auto Data Prep: Tableau Data Interpreter now automatically identifies structure of Excel files, plus new tools to pivot and split data
  • Smart Maps: Increased responsiveness, speed, and capabilities, including enhanced geographic search and new functionality to lasso irregular shapes
  • New Tableau Server: Management of content in Tableau Server and Tableau Online 9.0 with a refreshed look and feel
  • Faster Performance: Includes increased speed with analytics, as well as workbooks via parallel queries, Query Fusion, and smarter query caches

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