Tableau: Understanding Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions

May 18, 2015


Using and Leveraging LOD Expressions in Data Analysis

The best data analysis experience is one that allows users to focus the majority of their time deeply engaged with the actual data and less time thinking about how the mechanics of tool they are using to extract the information. Working with the aggregated data on different levels of detail can lead to tool functionality questions. Some examples:

  • Can I plot the number of days per quarter where my company had more than 100 orders?
  • If I want to conduct an analysis of regional sales performance, how can I see which region has the highest (or lowest) average order size?
  • How can I see total sales per month as well as total sales by region per month?

To address these types of queries, Tableau 9.0 features a new syntax called Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions, which both simplifies and extends Tableau’s calculation language by making it possible to address level of detail questions directly.

This whitepaper from Tableau provides insights into how LOD Expressions work, along with an in-depth look at the different types of LOD Expressions and their respective use cases.

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