Tips for Intermediate Cognos Report Studio Authors

July 09, 2015

Report Authoring

Demos of Techniques, Tips and Tricks

Chock full of tip-and-trick demonstrations, this webinar helps boost productivity and makes reports more dynamic. Continuing our Beginning Cognos Report Studio Author webinar series, this session is ideal for users with a grasp of the Cognos platform and report building basics. Albert Valdez, Vice President of Learning Solutions at Senturus, provides a number of demonstrations using the Cognos BI version 10.2.2.* Covered are intermediate fundamentals such as:  

  • Dynamically filtering report data based on the user running the report
  • Using report bursting to enable dynamic report delivery based on report groupings
  • Using report references to quickly consolidate individual reports into a single master report
  • Creating dual-axis charts, assigning default parameter values and using layout component references

*Techniques shown are applicable to all versions of Cognos BI.


IBM COGNOS BI, Cognos Workspace Advanced, Cognos Report Studio, Cognos Active Report


BI Report Authors, BI Report Consumers, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, IT Managers, IT / BI Executives (CTO), Business Executives (CEO), Financial Analysts, Marketing Analysts, Marketing Managers / Directors


Albert Valdez
Vice President of Learning Solutions
Senturus, Inc.

Albert has spent the last 15 years as a technical trainer focused on business intelligence and performance management. Before joining Senturus, he was a Senior Education Specialist at Cognos for five years. He is an IBM Cognos Certified Trainer and has his lifetime CTT and certification from CompTIA. Since 2007, Albert has acted as a Senior Consultant, Solutions Architect and Director of Education for Senturus.


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Business Analytics and Professional Authoring

  • Report Studio is a professional authoring tool that leverages a metadata package, allowing us to create reports
  • Metadata is produced using IBM Cognos Framework Manager and is based on one or more physical data sources
  • A well-designed architecture makes authoring more effective and less labor-intensive
    • Less data manipulation
    • Easier to identify and understand – better query performance
    • More stable and reliable results

Good Data Architecture = More Effective Reporting