Use Tableau to Get to the Gold Hidden in Salesforce

March 01, 2018

Data Preparation, Salesforce Reporting, Tableau

Secrets to Unearthing Missing Valuable Indicators

A wealth of sales insights is buried inside – and outside – of Salesforce. Learn how and where to unearth those gems and you can help your sales team make better time prioritizations and your execs to make better sales strategy decisions. Senturus President Greg Herrera reveals both quick wins and secret techniques for uncovering sales gold using Tableau and Salesforce.

In this webinar recording learn how your sales team can

  • Get reports that drill down to the Salesforce record
  • Look at Tableau visualizations embedded directly into the Salesforce dashboard
  • Pull in data from outside Salesforce to get key reports such as
    • Clustering reports, multiple people engaging with marketing
    • Web activity from people in their pipeline

You’ll also learn how your sales management can track hard-to-get leading indicators, such as

  • Components of pipeline growth
    • Growth from new opportunities
    • Changes to the value of existing opportunities
    • Changes to the win-probability of existing opportunities

You may also be interested in our webinar recording that shows how to  Embed Tableau in Salesforce Dashboards using the free Salesforce Canvas and Tableau Sparkler adapters.


Tableau, Salesforce


Greg Herrera

President and Co-Founder
Senturus, Inc.

Greg Herrera co-founded Senturus in 2001. He has been helping clients implement Salesforce analytic solutions since 2003, Marketo analytics since 2011 and Tableau visualizations and dashboards since 2014.


  • The different techniques for connecting Tableau to Salesforce data – and the pros and cons of each
  • How to enable the capability to drill from a Tableau dashboard into the specific record within Salesforce
  • How to embed Tableau dashboards directly inside the Salesforce screens your sales reps are already using
  • How to use Tableau to make all relevant data available to your sales team from within Salesforce – including data that is not even in the Salesforce database
  • How to prepare Salesforce and other demand generation data so that it’s organized the way Tableau prefers to use it
  • How to organize your demand generation data so that all business people can easily understand and analyze it
    • Pipeline growth analysis
      • How much of our/my pipeline growth is coming from new opportunities?
      • How much is coming from opportunities changing stage or probability?
      • How much is coming from changes to the size of the deal?
      • What’s the trend in all of these?
      • Where do I need to focus my efforts?
    • Marketing effectiveness
      • Which marketing programs are creating the newest opportunities?
      • Which marketing programs bring in the most greenfield prospects?
      • Which marketing programs drive the most revenue and profit?
      • What’s the trend in new leads?
      • From where are the best new leads coming?
      • Where do I find the Glengarry leads?
    • Demand funnel analysis
      • What are the conversion rates within our demand funnel (e.g., percent of leads that convert to wins)?
      • Which marketing programs are best at improving conversion rates?
      • Which sales activities improve conversions?
      • Leading indicators, how are we trending with?
        • Length of sales cycle
        • Win rate
        • Average deal size
        • Pipeline growth
    • Installed-base analysis
      • Are we spending so much time chasing new accounts at the expense of existing?
      • Which existing accounts are likely to lead to the most follow-on?
    • Demonstrations of Tableau and Tableau’s integration with Salesforce