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Self-Service BI Implementation

Self-service analytics is a win-win for IT and business alike. It offers agile reporting. Reduced reliance on IT. The ability to quickly apply actionable insights that drive business growth.

Given the possibilities for ROI and data democratization offered by self-service, why is it then that many businesses struggle to implement self-service BI?  

Because success with self-service is not found in the analytics tool. Even with the most sophisticated tool, if analysts are weighed down with data prep, data access issues or slow report run times, self-service is bound to fail.

Success with self-service requires a solid data foundation along with change management.


We take technology, data and people into consideration. We can even mentor you through the process.

  • Interview stakeholders to fully determine and understand business goals, processes and existing pain points
  • Identify areas that are not suitable for self-service (e.g. highly formatted reports for regulatory filings)
  • Optimize semantic layer for self-service, organize data to match business requirements and use commonly used terms and calculations
  • Help build and implement an appropriate data governance framework
  • Implement data security to ensure data access is appropriate for each user
  • Performance-tune overall BI environment to optimize reporting speed
  • Help prepare for and support the culture shift, including establishing user groups, mentoring and co-development
  • Provide user training, we offer a full training curriculum in Power BI, Tableau and Cognos