BI Deployments & Performance Optimizations, Including Migrations

Deployments & Performance Optimizations


Even the best BI teams need a little outside help when it comes to deployments, including migrations and performance tuning. These are sizable, time- and resource-intensive efforts that don’t happen every day. In-house expertise isn’t usually available.

Taking a DIY approach to these infrequent, high impact initiatives is neither efficient nor effective. The valuable time spent attempting to learn a one-time process comes with real and perceived costs.

  • Increased total cost of ownership due to unmanaged, mushrooming capacity
  • Key functionality not optimzied due to lack of familiarity with the technology or knowledge of best practices
  • The right people aren’t getting access to the right data
  • Gaps in functionality, performance and security due to hybrid (on-prem and cloud) and multiple tool environments
  • Slow performing reports, visualizations or models 

It’s for these reasons that Gartner recommends outsourcing analytics when demand for the task is infrequent.


Deployments and performance optimizations are not something you do every day. But we do.

  • Install and configure on-prem or cloud-based data warehouses including data pipelines, transformations and data modeling
  • Extend a desktop solution to the division or into multiple divisions
  • Move off a legacy BI system
  • Implement a new platform to work in tandem with the legacy system
  • Getting help selecting the right tool(s) for the job
  • Identify and eliminate report performance bottlenecks
  • Modernize content publishing for effectively sharing dashboards, visualizations and reports
  • Cloud capacity management


We will move you into a stable new environment cost effectively and with minimal downtime.

BI platform assessments & health checks

Comprehensive system reviews to ensure your BI environment runs smoothly with minimal downtime.

Pivoting from legacy platforms to Power BI

Let us help you navigate the complexity of rolling out Power BI. We offer a full scope of services including modernizing your architecture to support self-service, dashboard design, staffing and training.


Power BI performance optimization

We will get to the root of your performance issues and reduce your total cost of ownership.






Cognos assessment & health check

Comprehensive system reviews to ensure your Cognos environment runs smoothly with minimal downtime.


Cognos upgrade services

Experience a stable upgrade of your existing Cognos environment with minimal impact on end users.


Cognos licensing renewal review

A free service to optimize your IBM analytics software subscription and renewals process.





We assess your current Server environment to identify where and why performance is bogging down. We guarantee we’ll get to the root of the issue(s).


Hands on guidance to ensure the successful rollout of Tableau to your organization, includes architectural review, proof of concept and dashboarding best practices.



The BI journey is never ending. Your business changes and so does the technology. Senturus is here for you at every stage, with expertise that spans the entire BI stack and a variety of ways to work with us.