Tableau Jumpstart Program

The Tableau Jumpstart Program delivers personalized, expert guidance to ensure the successful rollout of Tableau to your organization. Tailoring a plan of execution based on your organization’s unique business and technical needs, we help ensure your organization gets the absolute most from your data and from the platform, from the very start.

Architectural Review and Proof of Concept

Taking a pragmatic business approach to your analytics requirements, Senturus will work with you to build the foundation for reliable analytics and successful Tableau development. We will work with you to understand your business processes and needs to quickly scope out those things your company perceives as critical. Sharing Senturus best practices, we will help you design an effective, visually appealing Tableau worksheet or dashboard. We will also help you prepare for future demands by providing architectural options and a training plan.

This three-day engagement includes

  • Discover and understand business requirements
  • Understand data sources
  • Tableau data preparation / Architecture review and recommendations
  • Tableau dashboard / Report deployment and security strategy
  • Tableau POC worksheets and dashboard
  • Tableau training plan
  • Jointly develop workbook or dashboard
    • Understand and/or establish development and visual guidelines standards
    • Share and apply best practices for effective dashboard design
    • Test browsers and different screen resolutions
    • Plan how to address future training needs for new hires or advanced needs

Program Cost $4,995 plus travel expenses