Power BI Data Analyst

Intermediate 3 days

In this course you will learn to

  • Ingest, clean and transform data
  • Model data for performance and scalability
  • Design and create reports for data analysis
  • Apply and perform advanced report analytics
  • Manage and share report assets
  • Create paginated reports in Power BI

Included in this course

  • Microsoft official courseware
  • Exam voucher for certification exam


Experience working with data in the cloud, such as

  • An understanding of core data concepts
  • Knowledge of working with relational data
  • Knowledge of data analysis and visualization concepts


Course Outline

  • Get started with Microsoft Data Analytics
    • Data analytics and Microsoft
    • Getting started with Power BI
  • Prepare data in Power BI
    • Get data from various data sources
  • Clean, transform and load data in Power BI
    • Data shaping
    • Enhance the data structure
    • Data profiling
    • Registration details
  • Design a data model in Power BI
    • Introduce data modeling
    • Work with tables
    • Dimensions and hierarchies
  • Create model calculations using DAX in Power BI
    • Introducte DAX
    • DAX context
    • Advanced DAX
  • Optimize model performance in Power BI
    • Optimize the model for performance
    • Optimize DirectQuery models
    • Create and manage aggregations
  • Create reports in Power BI
    • Design a report
    • Enhance the report
  • Create dashboards in Power BI
    • Create a dashboard
    • Real-time dashboards
    • Enhance a dashboard
  • Enhance reports for usability and storytelling in Power BI
    • Paginated report overview
    • Create paginated reports
  • Perform advanced analytics in Power BI
    • Advanced analytics
    • Data insights through AI visuals
  • Manage datasets in Power BI
    • Parameters
    • Datasets
    • Security in Power BI
  • Create and manage workspaces in Power BI
    • Create workspaces
    • Share and manage assets

This class does not require installation of any software. The class is conducted in a remote environment that we will provide. You’ll only need a local computer with a web browser and a stable Internet connection. Any recent version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome will be fine.

We recommend using two monitors in order to simultaneously view the training presentation and hands-on class work.

You’ll receive a link to join the class. We recommend using a headset instead of the computer’s microphone and speakers. You may also listen to the audio by phone.

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