Tableau 2018.3 - Server

Architecture & Administration


Tableau Server Architecture and Administration is a three-day, instructor-led, online course. Students will gain a deep understanding of fundamental Tableau Server administration concepts as well as complete an installation and perform critical configuration, optimization and troubleshooting tasks. Content migration and other upgrade considerations for teams moving from previous versions of Tableau will also be covered.

This is a fully interactive course. Participants will have practice performing the skills in our online (Windows environment) classroom. The instructor is able to see each student's computer screen and offer guidance. A full set of course materials is included, and hard copies sent prior to the class.


Techniques learned in this course are relevant to all versions of Tableau Server. The course is based on Tableau 10.5.


Three Days




Administrators: Individuals responsible for on-going administration of the business analytics System


Review the overall server architecture 

  • Review the components of Tableau Server
  • Examine the Tableau services
  • Discuss hardware recommendations
  • Understand the Tableau cache server
  • Decide between client or server-side rendering
  • Look at session memory settings
  • Cover search and browse
  • Introduce TabJolt

Install a single server environment 

  • Review product use and options
  • Cover the installation checklist
  • Discuss installation options
  • Install a single node Tableau Server

Examine and use the command line interface 

  • Use tabcmd and tabadmin command line tools
  • Review help documentation for the command line utilities

Discuss scalability and availability 

  • Review scenarios for multi-node installations
  • Discuss terminology
  • Configure for redundancy
  • Examine failure scenarios
  • Prepare for a high-availability environment
  • Add an external software load balancer
  • Create a primary backup
  • Deal with repository failover

Configure SSO 

  • Review authentication methods
  • Enable automatic login
  • Create guest accounts
  • Cover mutual SSL
  • Discuss SAML, Kerberos and SSO for SAP HANA
  • Examine OpenID Connect 

Upgrading an existing server 

  • Compare upgrade scenarios
  • Discuss versioning
  • Prepare for an upgrade
  • Review upgrade options

Take a look at the server interface 

  • Examine the administrator and user interface
  • Explore projects
  • Review workbooks and views
  • Learn to search for content
  • Sort content

Perform site administration