IBM Planning Analytics 10.2.2 - Cognos TM1- Performance Modeler

Develop TM1 Contributor Applications with Performance Modeler


Develop TM1 Applications with Performance Modeler is a two-day course. In this course, TM1 developers will learn the basic features to develop and deploy web-based Contributor applications.  This course was developed with IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.2, but is applicable to IBM Planning Analytics.

This is a fully interactive course. Participants will have practice performing the skills in our online classroom. The instructor is able to see each student's computer screen and offer guidance. A full set of course materials is included and hard copies sent prior to the class.


Two Days




Planning application developers and administrators supporting TM1

Class Goals
  • Design dimensions and subsets
  • Design cubes and views
  • Populate and update dimensions from an external source
  • Populate cubes from an external source
  • Configure security
  • Develop and deploy TM1 applications
  • Basic knowledge of online analytical processing (OLAP)
  • Basic knowledge of budgeting and forecasting
  • No prior experience with IBM Cognos TM1 is required

TM1 Components

  • TM1 architecture
  • TM1 clients
  • Performance modeler
  • TM1 applications
  • TM1 application clients

TM1 Application Overview and Demonstration

TM1 Concepts

  • Understanding dimensions
  • Understanding cubes
  • Leaf level versus consolidated level
  • Calculations
  • In-memory design

TM1 Building Blocks

  • Dimensions
  • Subsets
  • Cubes
  • Views

Construct Dimensions

  • Element types
  • Dimension properties
  • Dimension types
  • Dimension attributes
  • Dimension element formatting
  • Dimension expressions

Day 2

Guided Import Wizard

  • Summary
  • Create and populate a cube
  • Import into a dimension
  • Import into a cube

Subsets and Views

  • Static and dynamic subsets
  • Create a view

Introduction to Links

  • Link types
  • Create links

TM1 Applications

  • Application types
  • Application clients
  • Application design steps
  • Create a TM1 application


  • Control objects
  • Authentication methods
  • Users and groups
  • Object-level security
  • Application rights

Introduction to Processes

  • Project editor
  • Create processes
  • Create a chore
Registration Details

  • Senturus accepts payment by credit card, purchase order and invoice.
  • Paying party will receive a payment confirmation email upon payment receipt.
  • Each registered student will receive an email with the course confirmation and details on how to access the online classroom.
  • A full, hard copy set of course materials is shipped to each United States based student a few days prior to the start of class.
  • *International students will receive electronic copies of the course guide in place of a hard copy. These students may print one hard copy of the guide for their own personal use during the course. The course materials are copyrighted and any other reproduction or distribution of these materials is strictly prohibited.

We recommend that all attendees have two displays (monitors) so they can see the training presentation and their hands-on class work simultaneously.

Audio for attendees is via VoIP and a PC Headset is highly recommended. Audio is also available via teleconference using a TOLL number.

For this course, attendees will need to connect to the demonstration environment via Remote Desktop. Instructions will be provided in the registration confirmation.

Cancellations made ten or more calendar days prior to the first day of the course receive a 100% refund.

Cancellations made between five and nine calendar days prior to the first day of the course, receive a 50% refund.

Registrants will be charged 100% of the enrollment fee if a cancellation request is not received at least five calendar days prior to the first day of the course.