IBM Cognos 10.2 - Workspace Advanced

Self-Service OLAP Authoring and Data Exploration


Self-Service OLAP Authoring and Data Exploration with IBM Cognos BI is a one-day, instructor-led, online course. Students will create OLAP reports and work with dimensional data using Cognos Workspace Advanced.

This is a fully interactive course. Participants will have practice performing the skills in our online classroom. The instructor is able to see each student's computer screen and offer guidance. A full set of course materials is included and hard copies are sent prior to the class.


Techniques learned in this course are relevant to IBM Cognos BI 10. If you're using v11 you'll be interested in Self-Service OLAP Data Exploration in V11.

Class Length

One Day



Suggested Attendees

Consumers of business intelligence information (business analysts)

Class Outline
  1. Create OLAP Reports Using Cognos Workspace Advanced
    1. Review the analytical process
    2. Use data exploration features within Cognos Workspace Advanced
    3. Understand and work with sets, members, hierarchies, levels and dimensions
    4. Filter dimensional data using various techniques
    5. Create crosstab and chart reports
    6. Add advanced calculations
    7. Use page layers and context filters
    8. Format data and other report objects
    9. Create a financial report
  2. Work with Dimensional Data
    1. Work with dimensions, hierarchies, levels, sets and members
    2. Explore data using drill, expand, nest, stack and other features
      1. Preview data as authored
      2. Double-click to drill-down on dimensional data
      3. Top/bottom filtering
    3. Sort data
    4. Summarize data
    5. Nest and stack
    6. Suppress and filter data
    7. Use formatting to improve presentation of a report
    8. Use conditional styles to highlight exceptional data in a report
    9. Create and break sets
    10. Create advanced set definitions
Registration Details

  • Senturus accepts payment by credit card, purchase order and invoice.
  • Paying party will receive a payment confirmation email upon payment receipt.
  • Each registered student will receive an email with the course confirmation and details on how to access the online classroom.
  • A full, hard copy set of course materials is shipped to each United States based student a few days prior to the start of class.
  • *International students will receive electronic copies of the course guide in place of a hard copy. These students may print one hard copy of the guide for their own personal use during the course. The course materials are copyrighted and any other reproduction or distribution of these materials is strictly prohibited.

We recommend that all attendees have two displays (monitors) so they can see the training presentation and their hands-on class work simultaneously.

Audio for attendees is via VoIP and a PC Headset is highly recommended. Audio is also available via teleconference using a TOLL number.

Cancellations made ten or more calendar days prior to the first day of the course receive a 100% refund.

Cancellations made between five and nine calendar days prior to the first day of the course, receive a 50% refund.

Registrants will be charged 100% of the enrollment fee if a cancellation request is not received at least five calendar days prior to the first day of the course.