Creating Reports & Visualizations, Intermediate & Advanced -


Microsoft - Power BI

Creating Reports & Visualizations, Intermediate & Advanced


In this one-day class, you will acquire the skills to deliver visualizations that are relevant and well understood by users. You will learn how to deliver a multitude of visualization types from standard lines and bars to KPI and Treemap. Learn best practices for handling data that require drilling and drill through methodologies. Work with bookmarks, tooltips and maps. Plus work with DAX functions to create new columns, measures and tables.

A fully interactive experience, our online classroom offers a unique opportunity to learn from and work with a subject matter expert. Participants get practice performing the skills and can ask questions of the instructor in real time.

Course Length

One Day

Course Materials

Students receive a comprehensive set of learning materials, including all course notes and class examples.



Suggested Attendees

Consumers of business analytics information and business analysts who have attended our one-day beginning visualizations course or have a self-taught knowledge of the fundamentals.

Course Outline
  • Best Practices in interactive report design
  • Building an interactive report in Power BI
  • Working with data in Power BI
  • Using DAX
    • Create a dynamic visualization
  • Grouping and binning data
  • Conditional formatting using rules, ranges, and DAX
  • Creating and using bookmarks and linked report pages
  • Advanced visualizations using DAX for
    • KPIs
    • Bullet charts
    • Boxplots
    • Matrixes and Tables
    • And more