Tableau 2018.3 - Server

Tableau Server – Site Administration


Tableau Server Site Administration is a one-day instructor-led, online course. Students will review site administration and user maintenance; learn how to create and manage projects, including managing schedules; work with data source connections; review best practices for adding and managing content and how to customize the server.

This is a fully interactive course. Participants will have practice performing the skills in our online classroom. The instructor is able to see each student's computer screen and offer guidance. Students will be provided an electronic copy of the course manual.


One Day



Suggested Attendees

Business unit site administrators responsible for managing content, user permissions and site-specific features of Tableau Server.

Class Outline


  • Review site administration
    • Discuss the Tableau product line
    • Review Tableau Server
    • Cover tabcmd
    • Examine the administrator and user interface
  • Cover user maintenance
    • Get an overview of security in Tableau
    • Import users
    • Look at best practices for content permissions
    • Set content permissions
    • Create groups
  • Create and manage projects
    • Add projects
    • Lock down permissions on projects and set group rules
  • Discuss schedules
    • Review schedules
    • Create an extract schedule
    • Change a schedule
    • Discuss subscriptions
    • Look at revision and revision history
  • Work with data source connections
    • Work with data sources
    • Publish a data source
    • Navigate a data source
    • Review data source permissions
    • Refresh and change data source details
    • Download a data source
  • Review best practices for adding and managing content
    • Review content ownership
    • Publish content from Tableau desktop
    • Discuss when to publish data sources versus workbooks
    • Create extracts
    • Examine extract refresh failures
  • Customize the server
    • Discuss how to customize the Tableau environment
    • Use the built in views to monitor the server