Senturus built a self-service reporting portal to provide secure internal and external access to freight transportation logistics. The solution allows employees and customers to dynamically access accurate, up-to-date details on the status and location of their shipments anywhere in the world.


The client transports thousands of customer shipments by air, land and sea each year. Both employees and customers need to be able to identify the location, status and expected delivery of shipping containers at any time. However, the client’s existing reporting system did not support ready access to this information. Instead, report requests would be generated and the needed report would be custom-created on an ad hoc basis. The client needed a reporting system as competitive, robust and agile as the service they provide.



Senturus developed a self-service reporting solution providing access to secure, accurate, up-to-date and detailed information. Employees and customers can monitor and manage shipments anywhere in the world. Development included

  • Building a branded front-end reporting portal to replace the generic user interface, streamlining it to meet required functionality.
  • Organizing the raw data to align with business requirements, facilitating ease and speed of reporting.
  • Limiting data access based on user identity, ensuring privacy of customer shipment information
    • Customers can only access data specific to their company’s shipments.
    • Internal administrative users can query data to generate shipping status reports.
  • Providing the ability to specify, create and save dynamic reports in the desired report format, parameters and other preferences.


  • Improved delivery and inventory planning. Knowing where shipments are at any time improved planning for both employees and customers.
  • Accelerated access to business-critical information.
  • Provided a superior customer experience. Giving customers the ability to quickly track the location of their goods, provided a much needed service and gave the client a competitive edge.
On-demand access to global shipping logistics for customers and employees boosted the customer service experience and provided a competitive edge.

About our client

One of the largest full service international freight forwarding companies in North America, this NVOCC carrier and customs broker provides air, ocean and land logistics solutions. They have a global network of offices of more than 300 locations in 125 countries.

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