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The science and the art
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Well-executed dashboards, reports and visualizations represent the pinnacle of a great data analytics system. Part art form, part science, they use good design principles and leverage complex data formulas to clearly and quickly convey the vital information that allows businesses to evolve into competitive data-driven organizations. When supported by well-structured and modeled data, these data stories catapult from pretty to powerful, opening wide the doors for ROI.

  • Easily track, view and access key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • View underlying business drivers in reports with a single click.
  • Facilitate data discovery and widespread adoption of self-service.
  • Speed time to insights by automating time consuming, error prone manual efforts.
  • Confidently and securely get and share reports in the desired format.
  • Enjoy fast, timely access to data.
  • View reports and dashboards that refresh in near real-time.

Where pretty meets powerful

At Senturus, we live at the intersection of data artisan and data ninja. We bridge the gap between IT and business, working closely with both groups to align your analytics technology to your business drivers. The reports, visualizations and dashboards we deliver aren’t just eye-catching, they are optimized for speed, security and communication.

How we can help

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We can help you with comprehensive report development or give you a boost with design work and mentoring. Fluent across multiple analytics platforms, we are also your go-to partner for reimagining and moving legacy reports to your new environment, optimized.

  • Migrate and optimize legacy reports for your new analytics platform
  • Speed report run times
  • Securely distribute and access reports
  • Co-development with your team to create and learn skills for self sufficiency


Dashboarding Comparison: Power BI, Tableau & Cognos

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Whatever your role or experience level, we have Power BI, Cognos and Tableau classes for you and in a learning format that makes best sense for your organization and learning style.

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