The ability to go from source data to self-service analytics reporting in minutes, not months, seems almost too good to be true when compared to traditional analytics. Using their Direct Data Mapping and creating physical schemas on load, Incorta eliminates traditional ETL-based transformations and aggregations.

Appreciating Incorta’s modern approach – and sharing many past professional connections – we partnered with them early on. Their solution helps us accelerate the pace of analytics modernization.

Our expertise with data platforms, data transformations and countless data sources spans two decades. We know how to get the most out of business data. In fact, that’s where we really shine. And as long-standing partners with Microsoft, Tableau and Cognos, we can integrate Incorta to ensure a seamless fit with your unique BI environment.

How we can help

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No matter what your data sources or existing BI infrastructure, we will facilitate a seamless integration of Incorta.

  • Determine a phased implementation strategy including which data sources to integrate and in which order.
  • Implement and deploy Incorta.
  • Migrate data sources to Incorta.
  • Integrate Incorta with other platforms in your analytics environment.
  • Connect Incorta to Power BI, Tableau and/or Cognos.
  • Create dashboards, reports and visualizations.
  • Perform system health checks.


Eliminate traditional ETL data transformations with Incorta

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