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Many existing BI solutions lack the flexibility to fluidly adapt to the quickly evolving changes to technology and data types. Modernizing BI facilitates an agile, scalable BI environment that can respond to these changes. It allows companies to make better use of their data and supports the fast, sophisticated analytics needed to drive business today.

Modernization can take place at any point from the data sources to the end-user interface. It can encompass a shift to the cloud and new tech or optimizing an existing BI environment. There is no one-size-fits-all approach: it depends on the goals the organization and state of the current BI ecosystem. A successful modernization or migration requires fluency across the BI stack, expertise in old and new technologies, and the ability to identify the areas that will yield the most impact.

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We help clients streamline the move to agile, scalable BI that is optimized to their needs – today and in the future.

  • Extend a desktop solution to the division or into multiple divisions.
  • Improve the reporting experience by identifying and eliminating report performance bottlenecks.
  • Modernize content publishing for effectively sharing of dashboards, visualizations and reports.
  • Right-size cloud capacity for lower cost of ownership.

Proprietary BI acceleration and connectivity tools

We deploy specialty tools that help expedite report migration and consolidation timelines, facilitate cooperative hybrid BI environments, and optimize cloud capacity management for lower cost of ownership.

Our Migration Assistant automatically inventories details about Cognos reports and models. It significantly streamlines migrations and consolidations and helps accurately scope projects.

The Senturus Analytics Connector lets Power BI and Tableau tap directly into the governed, secure and prepared data in Cognos.

Envisor Cloud Control provides active monitoring and management of multiple Azure and AWS resources for improved performance and reduced cost of ownership.


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