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Get visibility into your cloud health

Give your company the visibility they need to assess
cloud health, risk and cost

With visibility into cloud health, management will be empowered to align and act on decisions about cloud governance without constraining the business. They can take informed action to mitigate risk, optimize cloud costs and reduce administrative overhead.

Senturus delivers executive dashboards and scorecards that pull together and harmonize the KPIs across clouds, applications and divisions to efficiently manage cloud health, risk and cost.

How we can help

We deliver purpose-built executive dashboards and scorecards that effectively assess cloud health.

We know the business drivers and metrics management needs and we know how to get them. We transform cloud and enterprise data into meaningful KPIs that are accessible on an easy-to-use dashboard.

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Give management a cloud governance dashboard they want…and need

Of course, we’ll create a dashboard or scorecard with the metrics you want. But we will also guide you on what other cloud metrics you need to govern your cloud. We’ll ensure you have all the metrics to mitigate risk, improve cloud resource management and reduce administrative overhead.

View essential, hard-to-get metrics for a full understanding of your cloud

Achieving the visibility required for meaningful cloud governance requires expertise in cloud, analytics and enterprise data sources. Senturus delivers the trifecta and will accelerate the process. Quickly view metrics including

  • Unit economics
  • Cloud spend vs budget
  • Cloud spend per LOB vs budget
  • Risk distribution
  • Optimization score

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Benefit from our cloud industry experience

Our sister company is Envisor, a provider of cloud cost management solutions, is a sponsor and an active contributor to the FinOps Foundation. Our team sits on various working groups and is helping to define data consistency standards for the industry.

What does that mean for you? The analytics we build for you are based in practical, real-world knowledge of cloud providers and technology.

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Jumpstart FinOps reporting

Our proprietary solution for cloud cost management, Envisor Cloud Analytics provides access to cloud KPIs out of the box.

  • Rich metrics on real-time performance and cost data.
  • Normalized data for easy comparison across cloud vendors.
  • Extensible data warehouse deployed in one day.
  • Additional data sources easily integrated.
  • Advanced Power BI based analytics interface.

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