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Moving Cognos content is a massive barrier in front of a Power BI migration. In the face of the sheer volume and complexity of reports and models in Cognos, migration efforts slow, or stall.

The Senturus Report InstaMigrator supercharges the Cognos content migration process to shorten migration timelines. With a few clicks, it programatically migrates Cognos reports and model structures to  Power BI.

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The Report InstaMigrator programmatically migrates Cognos report and model structures to Power BI. It catapults you to the goal of realizing an enterprise rollout of Power BI so you can say goodbye to Cognos renewal bills.

  • Helps migrate Cognos data models to Power BI datasets.
  • Helps migrate Cognos reports into Power BI reports.
  • Builds a GitHub repository for source control, migration project tracking, and future DevOps implementation.
  • Leverages Power BI project for agile software development.

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