Implementing Power BI for success

Start off right with Power BI

Power BI is not a single tool. It’s a powerful solution that comprises a suite of multiple components offering overlapping capabilities. To optimize its performance and scalability, it is important to identify which combined components offer the best approach for your business needs.

How it works

Whether you are doing a fresh implementation, migrating off a legacy system, or need help optimizing aspects of your existing implementation, we will help your Power BI environment thrive.

Start off right with Power BI

During this engagement we can

  • Assess your business requirements and identify a roadmap that prioritizes the biggest areas of opportunity.
  • For legacy Cognos environments, use our Migration Assistant utility to inventory and catalog existing report logic in order to prioritize, eliminate or migrate reports.
  • Match your business needs to the appropriate Power BI tools.


Comprehensive comparison of 44 Microsoft BI tools

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