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Envisor Cloud Analytics is a fully customizable, pre-built reporting environment for cloud cost management. Quickly combining metrics from AWS and Azure with enterprise data, it presents KPIs in an open Power BI reporting interface. Envisor Cloud Analytics provides the insights needed to align on decisions about cost allocation, spending forecasts, consumption, provisioning and ways to reduce cloud spend.


At the core of Envisor’s platform is a highly performant data warehouse atop a data lake, ensuring unmatched scalability and extensibility. The architecture seamlessly ingests huge volumes of cloud and enterprise data to facilitate complex cost allocations and executive dashboards with key metrics including unit economics. A flexible deployment model allows organizations to keep sensitive data in their cloud or ours.

Purpose-built reporting for cloud analytics

Envisor Cloud Analytics works out of the box as a robust cloud cost optimization platform.



  • Extensible cloud analytics data warehouse allows integration of custom data.
  • Key metrics normalized across AWS and Azure clouds and resources: cost, CPU, memory, network, IOPS, custom feeds and views.
  • Pre-built, customizable Power BI dashboards.
  • First on the market to incorporate the new FOCUS spec, adopted by AWS, Google and Microsoft that brings much needed uniformity to cloud cost and usage data for better reporting.
  • Flexible deployment model allows you to keep your sensitive data in your cloud or ours.

Customized cloud governance dashboards

Senturus is your go-to partner for custom cloud analytics. We know the business drivers and metrics that management needs and we know how – and where – to get them.

Pulling together and harmonizing the KPIs in your clouds, applications and divisions, we will tailor build your cloud governance dashboards and scorecards. With all your KPIs front and center, you can efficiently manage cloud health, risk and cost.

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