Envisor Cloud Control

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Dynamic cloud scaling. Real savings.


Envisor Cloud Control is the only dynamic capacity and performance management solution for cloud platforms on the market. Deployed in minutes, it identifies opportunities for performance improvements and cost reduction.

  • Dynamically scale resources up, down or off to match demand.
  • Schedule repeatable events with a mouse click…no scripting!
  • Monitor and manage multiple cloud environments from a single console.
  • Quickly identify costliest resources and performance bottlenecks.

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Supported platforms

Only pay for what you use

Loads can change hourly, daily and weekly. Envisor Cloud Control lets you identify demand patterns and automatically fine tune capacity levels to optimize your cloud spend and performance.

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  • Scale down or off under-utilized resources.
  • Scale up to address performance bottlenecks.
  • Suspend & resume.
  • Track total cloud capacity savings.





Multiple cloud resources.
Single dashboard control.

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Monitor multiple cloud accounts from a single console

Dynamically scale cloud resources

Email recaps of usage and performance

View cost savings reports

Schedule automatic, repeatable actions without scripting

Get alerts about long running resources and changes

Observation only mode for locked down cloud environments


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