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Ironically, most solutions to analyze cloud cost and consumption lack the very characteristic that makes the cloud so appealing: agility. Metrics are locked in the rigid confines of vendor solutions. Visibility into usage is based on stale invoices and usage averages rather than reflecting actual demand blips, patterns and fluctuations.

As a result, businesses struggle to come to inter-departmental alignment around costs and sizing recommendations. They routinely take big hits to their pocketbooks. Many contemplate building a homegrown solution to address the challenges of inadequate cost analytics.


Envisor Cloud Analytics addresses these challenges with a data-rich, customizable cloud analytics solution. It provides the agility and insights to efficiently align on decisions about cost allocation, spending forecasts, consumption, provisioning, and ways to reduce cloud spend. Built on the Envisor platform, which continuously monitors and reports on live operational data, Envisor Cloud Analytics brings needed immediacy and detail to cloud efficiency management.

Pre-build Power BI


Single pane of glass
across multi-clouds


Predictive cost &
performance modeling


Purpose-built reporting for cloud analytics



Envisor Cloud Analytics works out of the box as a robust reporting tool.

  • Extensible cloud analytics data warehouse allows integration of custom data
  • Key metrics normalized across multiple clouds and resources: cost, CPU, memory, network, IOPS, custom feeds and views.
  • Pre-built, customizable Power BI dashboards.
  • Drill down into 5-minute-interval views of usage and cost.

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Integrate other data sources. Customize dashboards.


Envisor Cloud Analytics empowers FinOps teams with the timely visibility into key metrics needed to achieve intelligent decisions and alignment. It is easily enhanced with custom data and reporting to be tailored to each unique business.

Senturus is your go-to partner for a custom build out of Envisor Cloud Analytics capabilities. We facilitate the integration of additional data and design robust self-service reporting. We can:

  • Integrate additional on-prem or cloud data sources, modeling the data to meet business requirements
  • Develop and build custom Power BI reports and dashboards

Envisor Cloud Control


Envisor Cloud Control brings precision to cloud workload management. Monitoring live operational data in real time, it provides dynamic sizing controls and timely anomaly alerts. Repeatable events can be automated with a click. Native cloud resources are easily scaled up, down or off. Variances are spotted and addressed before they become a problem.

  • Resource portfolios operate at optimal efficiency and performance.
  • The carbon footprint shrinks.
  • Cloud costs drop by 30% or more.

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