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The Senturus Analytics Connector gives Power BI and Tableau users a straightforward way to tap directly into the governed, secure and prepared data in Cognos and TM1. It closes a critical gap in bimodal BI environments.

By making it easy for visual analytics tools to leverage the optimized data in Cognos, the Analytics Connector offers significant benefits that both IT and business uses can appreciate.

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Significantly accelerates reporting

Self-service users no longer waste time on manual (and error prone) data manipulations and/or data remodeling.

Improves data security

Eliminates redundant security application; reduces risks associated with the use of unsecure data sources (flat files, Excel exports) and allows guardrails to data access.

Improves reporting performance

Poorly modeled data dramatically decreases performance in Power BI and Tableau. Cognos data models are performance optimized.

Increases trust in the data

Auditable, governed data provides a “single version of the truth” that becomes the basis for all reporting.

Reduces change management

Tableau workbooks and Power BI files are automatically updated to reflect changes in Framework Manager and Data Modules, eliminating the need for manual updates.

A straightforward solution

Simply drag and drop query subjects from Cognos into Power BI or Tableau.

  • Retrieves Cognos package metadata.
  • Obtains data securely via database protocol connection.
  • Keeps user authentication and restriction controls in place.
  • Pushes queries back to Cognos for optimal execution.
  • Automatically picks up changes in Framework Manager models, data modules or reports.

Interactive dashboards

These dashboards are sourcing data from Cognos using the Analytics Connector.




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