Access live data in Cognos with Power BI and Tableau


v5 Release of our Cognos to Power BI & Tableau Connector

October 22, 2020

Analytics Connector, Strategy

Enhanced Power BI Support Including Single Sign On and Query Cancellation Capabilities

The Senturus Analytics Connector allows Power BI and Tableau to easily tap into your secure, curated data in Cognos. See a demo of the milestone v5 release of the Analytics Connector in this on-demand webinar.

First introduced in 2015, the Analytics Connector provides a smart and efficient go-to solution for enabling cooperation between these different styles of BI platforms – enterprise-class BI and self-service.

With simple drag and drop functionality, the Analytics Connector eliminates time consuming, error-prone data remodeling efforts and results in

  • Faster, more accurate reporting
  • Reduced change management cost and risk
  • Improved security with appropriate guardrails around data access
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Better overall Power BI and Tableau performance

This 5.0 release features significant improvements, most notably

  • Single sign on pass-through of credentials from Power BI to Cognos and automatic query cancellation in Power BI Desktop
  • Automatic query timeout, enforcing a maximum time limit for any query sent to the Analytics Connector

The Analytics Connector delivers the best of both worlds. Traditional BI governance meets agility. Predictable reporting meets data discovery. Business decisions meet business innovation.


Cognos, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau
Senturus Analytics Connector


Michael Weinhauer
Senturus, Inc.

Michael has played a leadership role in the development of the Senturus Business Analytics Connector. Michael comes to us from Oracle, IBM and SAP, where he spent over 20 years in different roles acquiring a wealth of hands-on, practical BI and big data experience.

Steve Reed Pittman
Director of Enterprise
Architecture and Engineering
Senturus, Inc.

Steve brings more than 25 years of experience in business and technology to his role at Senturus. From hands-on problem solving to high-level strategic planning, he has delivered a broad range of software and systems architecture, engineering and integration projects, both on-premises and in the cloud.