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Data governance and data security in the
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While self-service BI empowers greater business insights by providing access to more data by more people, it also heightens the need for the oversight and security of organizational data. A data governance program helps support the democratic dissemination of data for the business in ways that support decision making, compliance and security.

Good data governance is the cornerstone of a solid business analytics implementation.

  • Increases trust across the organization.
  • Establishes the business as data owners, not IT.
  • Curtails security control issues (either too much access or not enough).
  • Positions data issues as cross-functional.
  • Reduces rework time and saves money.

A good data governance program is well-considered, drawing on collaboration and commitment across the organization. It’s a marriage of people and process. Conversely data security, while a critical component of overall governance, focuses on the technologies that touch the data along the BI stack.

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Possessing astute business practicality and extensive expertise with the breadth of BI systems, Senturus is well equipped to help you with the imperative endeavors of data governance and data security.

  • Institute a strategic, formal data governance program that puts the correct people and processes in place.
  • Serve as a neutral third-party facilitator of governance meetings.
  • Provide security reviews & administration best practices, including security audits, troubleshooting permission issues and monitoring systems.
  • Teach governance and admin best practices for managing large systems of users and groups.
  • Implement row-level security, maintained either in the data warehouse or in the BI platform.
  • Optimizing single sign on (SSO) integration, either on your hosted on-prem server or vendor provided platforms.
  • Admin support assistance for day-to-day BI system tasks including keeping dashboards & reports available, ensuring data refreshes are running, and managing users & permissions.
  • Admin support assistance for installing system updates & performing optimizations.


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