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Good data modeling
fuels great BI

Even the most powerful cloud data platform or data analytics tool cannot make up for poorly prepped and modeled data. Having access to well organized, relevant data is the lifeblood of modern BI. Without it, your company is not tapping the full value of its data and your analytics environment cannot easily scale to meet business growth.

Data preparation and modeling are key to nimble, accurate reporting. They are especially important when you are combining disparate data sources.

  • Speeds ability to report on data and answer important business questions.
  • Eliminates inaccuracies and discrepancies.
  • Removes duplicative, error-prone and time intensive manual data prep efforts.
  • Brings historical perspective to data that is otherwise just a snapshot in time.
  • Enables rapid self-service analytics through shared and certified data sets.
  • Allows for complex KPIs that build off combined data points from multiple systems.
  • Provides access to up-to-the minute information.

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Quickly understanding your unique requirements, we build performant data models that let you track key business performance drivers, speed report development, and deliver ROI in the shortest time.

  • Identify your key metrics. We have experience in all lines of business in almost every industry and come up to speed quickly.
  • Optimize at the data architecture layer by performing data integration, transformation and modeling in the data warehouse or data lake.
  • Build performant data models in the semantic layer using Power BI datasets, Cognos data modules, Cognos Framework Manager models and Tableau data sources.
  • Enhance data model performance or troubleshoot slowdowns.
  • Implement and integrate dedicated data cataloguing tools or create documents and templates for manual data cataloguing.


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