Power BI Enterprise Security Implementation

Secure my Power BI reports

Data security is the most important consideration in today’s data driven culture. Yet safeguarding information has become exceedingly difficult to manage given the proliferation of data sources and people with access to data.

One of the biggest data security threats to companies using Power BI reports is driven by data exported from operational systems. These published and shared reports often expose unprotected data and violate IT policies and legal or regulatory requirements. Implementing Power BI gateways and row-level security put the appropriate guardrails on data so your organization can safely share data in reports.

How it works

We assess, architect and implement both gateway and row-level security to regulate data access in your Power BI environment.

Secure my Power BI reports


Power BI gateway maintains existing row-level security in databases and data warehouses through to published reports. We will assess, architect and implement the gateway for these sources, including audit trail information flowing back to existing data warehouse systems.

Row-level security

For ad hoc data or data sources that do not already support user-level security, we will demonstrate and design a dataset and Active Directory security group strategy using Power BI’s row-level security features. Correctly implemented, this strategy can enforce data protection at the tool level.

This engagement includes

  • An overview of security in Power BI
  • Power BI gateway assessment, sizing, configuration and best practices
  • Row-level security assessment, examples and best practices
  • Administering Power BI gateways and datasets
  • Overview of tracking actions and auditing use
  • Delivery of Power BI data governance template
  • Delivery of Power BI security recommendations for your environment and use cases
  • Implementation of Power BI gateway and/or row-level security


How to Set Up Row-Level Security in Power BI

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