Automation & AI: Evolving the Office of Finance

While daily headlines are dominated by mention of AI, there is much to understand about its application in business. We field calls almost daily from clients asking for concrete examples of how they can start applying AI to free their finance team from low-value tasks so they can focus on more strategic priorities.  

Join our webinar for a practical look at AI – and automation – in the Office of Finance. We’ll demo and discuss two Microsoft products that are reshaping corporate finance: Microsoft Power Automate (in use today) and Copilot for Finance (in preview). Using real-world use cases, we’ll show how these tools can help elevate the strategic outlook for CFOs and the finance team. 

  • Learn how to simplify repetitive tasks you already perform, such as automating receivable processing and account reconciliation. 
  • See real-world applications for automation that can be deployed today. 

Keith Knowles 
Managing Director
Senturus, Inc. & Envisor

Pat Powers 
Data & Analytics Consultant & Trainer
Senturus, Inc.

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