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With its ever expanding capabilities, Cognos continues to serve as a staple of enterprise BI. It pays to optimize Cognos, but there is a lot to stay on top of. If you’re like many of our clients, you may find yourself struggling to

  • Optimize (or even utilize) the self-service capabilities in Cognos
  • Improve performance, trim report sprawl, and decrease maintenance complexity
  • Run Cognos in concert with another BI platform
  • Right-size Cognos licensing to match usage and save money

Senturus can help you modernize your Cognos environment to achieve broad self-service adoption and reduced administration and cost.

Leveraging Cognos self-service

Cognos Analytics offers powerful self-service tools. But for Cognos self-service to become a practical reality with widespread adoption, many considerations come into play.

Ways we can help implement and optimize Cognos self-service:

  • Strategy and roadmapping
  • Modern data architecture/data engineering
  • Modeling data: designing a semantic layer and implementing data modules
  • Data security implementation and governance guidance
  • Training customized for different user types (e.g. business vs professional authors)

Performance tuning and clean up

From unhappy users to increased administration time, slow Cognos performance negatively impacts the bottom line. The source of these issues hide in many different places: report sprawl, modeling structures, configurations and settings, dashboard design and more.

Our Cognos tune up and cleanup will leave your Cognos environment humming. We will

  • Efficiently rationalize and consolidate Cognos content. Our proprietary report utility quickly identifies duplicate, overlapping and unused reports and models.
  • Fix the multiple possible sources of performance bog downs, identifying and implementing quick performance wins first.

Running Cognos in concert with another BI platform

Many organizations run Cognos in concert with a visualization platform, but struggle to achieve an environment that leverages the best capabilities of each. We specialize in hybrid BI environments. We have active practices in Cognos, Power BI and Tableau and use proprietary tools to facilitate interoperability. We can help you

  • Understand and leverage the differences between the platforms
  • Decide which reports are best suited to each platform
  • Allow Power BI and Tableau to tap into the Cognos data using our Analytics Connector
  • Provide training with instructors who understand both platforms so students get up to speed on the new platform quicker

Right-sizing Cognos licensing

We often encounter companies whose Cognos licensing does not match their current usage. Unused and under-utilized Cognos licenses is wasted money. We can help you right-size Cognos licensing, to save you money, mitigate risk and ensure your organization maintains compliance. Learn more about this free service.

Upgrading to Cognos 11

Finding knowledgeable internal resources to upgrade Cognos can be challenging. And because performing these upgrades is not an everyday exercise, even relatively minor upgrades can take significant time and leave you vulnerable to errors.

Our team implements hundreds of Cognos upgrades, installations and configurations every year. We can perform the upgrade for you or can help guide your team through the implementation. Learn more about our upgrade services.


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