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Blaming your BI platform for poor performance and lack of user adoption is a common mistake. More often than not the tool is not the culprit. Rather, the platform hasn’t been applied and maintained properly.

Some signs that indicate your analytics environment needs TLC:

  • Slow performance/ response times
  • Time consuming data preparation
  • Yet to achieve self-service reporting
  • Poor user adoption
  • Can’t drill down to detailed data
  • Business users cannot easily slice and dice data
  • Inability to access timely data
  • Slow data refreshes
  • Reports and visualizations aren’t facilitating better decisions

How it works

We offer two programs to help mitigate common analytics issues and boost system performance.

Get a free one-hour consultation

Full BI assessment

Comprehensive review of your entire BI architecture, on-premise and cloud. We do an A to Z assessment of the performance-critical areas impacting your analytics environment, including data preparation layers and analytics tools.

We grade each area against industry best practices and provide concrete findings and a prioritized roadmap for each stack component. This assessment facilitates quick performance improvement wins for your analytics environment.

Analytics health check

Focuses specifically on your analytics environment. Similar to the benefits of conducting routine car maintenance, our Analytics Health Check identifies potential trouble spots before they become bigger, more complicated and expensive issues.

Full Assessment Health Check

Analytics server review

Server installation and configuration review, hardware and architecture assessment. audit usage analysis, high availability and failover options.

Data source review

Review data structures, queries and relationships. Identify bottleneck issues in data staging area, data mart. data lake. data warehouse.

Data preparation review

Review existing data extracts. ETL jobs. optimize logic. Identify issues and options to improve process: identify opportunities for self-service.

Metadata layer review

Review existing model, identify issues and possible design flaws.

Reporting/dashboarding reviews

Review visualization, report and dashboard design, layout and queries.

Findings and recommendations

Detailed documentation, and proven practices, on issues related to assessment  to resolve issues and improve performance.

Senturus guarantee

We are so confident that our method works, we guarantee our work. If Senturus does not find and diagnose the factors creating your challenges, you don’t pay.


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