Increase productivity and accuracy.
Make time and space for strategy.

McKinsey & Company reported that 42% of Finance activities can be fully automated with today’s technologies. An additional 19% can be partially automated.

Robotic process automation (RPA) frees corporate finance from manual tasks and time-intensive workflows. It can take over tasks like data extraction, form filling and file movement. It can streamline workflows like reconciliations, revenue and expense reporting, and regulatory compliance.

Automation makes processes fast, reliable and scalable. Productivity and accuracy increase, costs go down, and quarterly, seasonal and annual work surges are easily accommodated. Finance is able to work smarter, devoting its resources and energy to more strategic business pursuits.

How it works

We use Power Automate to take on your most repetitive tasks and time-consuming processes.

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  • Benchmark current processes and determine the ROI for implementing automation.
  • Art of the possible. Review best practices in automation and identify automation targets.
  • Interview stakeholders to fully determine and understand business goals, processes and existing pain points.
  • Create and execute an automation roadmap focusing on high-impact processes most suitable for automating.
  • Implement Microsoft Power Automate and other third-party applications as needed.


Learn how automation – and AI – are reshaping corporate finance.

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