Analytics Essentials

Lay the foundation for success

The integrity of any structure is only as good as the foundation it sits on. That’s especially true for data architecture. A well-built data foundation is the key to automation, scale and ready access to data.

Designing and building agile, performant BI is the work we love. It’s a dance between business understanding and technical astuteness that starts with our Analytics Essentials. These form the vital first steps in the Senturus project methodology.

Senturus project methodolgy

Analytics Essentials

Scope & plan




Deploy & enable

Applying the Essentials saves time and money

The Analytics Essentials of scoping, planning and defining allow us to align your business priorities with the best architecture to support them. During the process, we often uncover key opportunities – even in those organizations that believe they have fully defined their requirements.

Our goal: deliver a solution that provides the highest ROI with the least total cost of ownership.

  • Ensures an architectural foundation to support short- and long-term needs.
  • Delivers quick wins and agile development.
  • Prioritizes business value and ROI.
  • Ensures business requirements are fully identified and met; Avoids re-development and manual workarounds.
  • Manages total cost of ownership.
  • Delivers a working prototype that facilitates better design for the main project.
  • Allows for detailed project planning and scoping.

How it works

Every organization is different. Our Analytics Essentials reflect that. Take advantage of any or all of these modules as they make sense for your organization.

Lay the foundation for success


Interview key stakeholders to assess how business function and data use intersect. Identify gaps.

Architectural options

Identify architectural alternatives and corresponding pros and cons.

Priority matrix

Prioritize near-term, mid-term and long-term projects.

Data profiling and bus matrix

Develop a high-level matrix of common dimensions that can be used by all business processes.

Minimally viable dashboard

Deliver a viable dashboard with a subset of data to demonstrate technology components and business value.

Findings & recommendations

Itemize gaps (e.g. data quality, technology, accessibility, skillsets, culture, governance) in your current BI environment.

Analytics roadmap

Map out a phased strategy designed to meet your needs today and over time.

Proposed scope and estimate

Provide a detailed breakdown for all tasks related to the first phase.


Great BI: It’s not about the tools!

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