Cognos to Power BI Migration Assessment

Help scope my migration

Before you can migrate to Power BI, you need to understand the complexity of your Cognos environment so that you can plan – and budget – the project. But with the proliferation of accrued content and complex data models calling to various data sources plus the loss of legacy knowledge, unravelling and inventorying all that Cognos content is no easy task. Companies struggle to get a grasp of just what they are looking at. Without a solid understanding to base the project on, migration efforts get pushed out. Projects are poorly planned and often fail.

This one-week assessment service provides the clarity needed to confidently move forward with a Cognos to Power BI migration project. We will give you the datapoints necessary to make a fact-based estimate of budget, required resources and timeline. This service is ideal for Cognos environments that are too large and complex to realistically inventory and analyze manually, e.g., 1000+ reports.

How it works

We will thoroughly inventory and report on your existing Cognos store, providing details on content complexity along with recommendations for migration tasks and processes specific to your organization.

Help scope my migration

During this one-week engagement we will

  • Leverage our propriety Migration Assistant tool to programmatically decode and inventory your existing Cognos content (logic).
  • Access and analyze the Cognos environment to better understand existing complexities (e.g., configuration, FM models, data modules, packages and reports).
  • Deliver a summary report that clearly outlines the volume and complexity of the reports, FM models, data modules and packages that will impact migration.


  • Create report profiles for quantifying reports with similar characteristics including complexity, source dependence and metadata dependence.
  • Provide a high-level list of recommendations for migration tasks and processes specific to your organization along with areas where improvements should be considered.

Price: $9995

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We are so confident that our method works, we guarantee our work. If Senturus does not find and diagnose the factors creating your challenges, you don’t pay.


Streamline Cognos migrations with the Migration Assistant.

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