Warning sign for Apache Log4j2
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How the Apache Log4j2 Vulnerability Affects Tableau & Cognos

The recently disclosed Apache Log4j2 vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) has serious implications for everything from the cloud to developer tools and security devices. If you are wondering if you are using Log4j in your organization, there is a good chance you are. You can check the growing list of affected products and services here: Log4j Vulnerability Being … Continued

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10 Quick Ways to Prep Data in Tableau Desktop

We share data prep tips you can do quickly in Tableau Desktop to ensure data is as “Tableau friendly” as possible. These 10 straightforward practices will help you produce better performing dashboards, avoid unnecessary calculated fields, and simplify the visualization building process. In a perfect world, we recommend prepping data before it gets to Tableau … Continued


Microsoft Power BI Data Integration Options Comparison Chart created by Senturus
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Microsoft Power BI Data Integration Options: Comparison Chart

If you’re struggling to figure out which of the data integration and transformation tools in the Microsoft Power BI platform is the right one for your organization, we can help. Our comparison chart of five Microsoft options summarizes cost, ease of use, cloud/on-prem, product maturity, feature set, use cases and more.

Snowflake Logo
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Snowflake: 7 Tips for Cost-Effective Performance

We offer up seven places Snowflake performance can get hung up, the tips to get around them and the tool for identifying where the issues are. With these techniques you can wring out the most cost-effective Snowflake implementation possible.

Tableau Logo
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6 Ways to Publish & Share Tableau Content

We look at six options for publishing and sharing Tableau workbooks and dashboards. We discuss the pros, cons and requirements for each option so you can make the best decision for your organization.

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5 Areas Power BI Outshines Tableau

While Power BI and Tableau offer many of the same capabilities, Power BI outshines Tableau in five areas. If these five rank high on your list of requirements, this information can help guide you to the correct choice for your company.

Senturus table showing easy and modern data governance tools
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Data Governance Tools Comparison Chart

The number of options for technology to help sustain data governance is daunting. We compare 5 top data governance solutions plus 4 additional players to watch as the market continues to evolve. Download our chart for side-by-side tool comparisons on factors including deployment options, APIs, reporting, AI assist, cost and more.

Senturus data governance image comparing BI tools
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Power BI Composite Models: True Reporting Agility

Power BI composite models is a game changer, fundamentally changing how organizations will merge self-service and corporate business intelligence. Authors can bring in their own local data sources while still leveraging the authoritative Power BI or Azure analysis services datasets created by others in their organization.

IBM Cognos Analytics logo
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Cognos 11.2…It’s a Biggie!

Cognos 11.2 has arrived, and you’ll find lots has changed. We review some of our favorite new features and let you know what’s missing.

Senturus comparison of Snowflake vs. Azure Synapse Analytics
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5 Areas of Comparison: Snowflake vs. Azure Synapse Analytics

Both Snowflake and Azure Synapse Analytics provide cloud-based data warehousing in a SQL database. Read about different approaches each takes in areas such as SaaS vs. PasS, compute resources, querying semi-structured files using SQL, source controls and tools for data integration and transformation.

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5 Areas Tableau Outshines Power BI

Tableau and Power BI offer many of the same capabilities. But in five areas, Tableau outshines Power BI. If these five rank high on your criteria list, this information can help guide you to the correct choice for your organization.

Snowflake Logo
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10 Reasons Snowflake Is Great for Analytics

Snowflake takes the best of traditional database technology and evolves it with some fresh and unique technology that make it particularly well-suited to meet the needs for agility, sharing and large data volumes demanded by modern BI. This blog reviews 10 advantages Snowflake offers analytics platforms like Power BI and Tableau.

Senturus Data Modeling & Transformation Capabilities Comparison chart
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Data Modeling & Transformation Comparison: Power BI, Tableau & Cognos

A well-constructed data model saves report authoring time and ensures data accuracy. While Cognos, Tableau and Power BI all provide ways to model data, the options, methods and approaches for doing so in each differ significantly. This chart clarifies the capabilities available within the three tools and how they measure up.

Power BI Dataflows vs. Azure Data Factory in a blue neon sign
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Power BI Dataflows vs. Azure Data Factory

Get an easily digestible synopsis of Power BI dataflows and Azure Data Factory, two more popular cloud-based options from Microsoft for enterprise data integration, data prep and data transformation. We provide information for each including the typical audience, the editor used, methods for preparing and transforming data, how the technology works and pricing.

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