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Cognos 11.2…It’s a Biggie!

Cognos 11.2 has arrived, and you’ll find lots has changed. We review some of our favorite new features and let you know what’s missing.


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How to Save to Cloud Storage in Cognos Analytics

Get step-by-step instructions for setting up cloud object storage in Cognos Analytics 11.1.5. This feature is a great way to save and retrieve Cognos reports in the cloud, even if you’re running Cognos on-premise.

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Cognos 11.1.6: Our Favorite New Features

Our in-house Cognos expert Todd Schuman is over the moon about this release and reveals his favorite features. Among them you’ll learn about an object called data tables that provides a ton of functionality that has been on his wishlist for years.

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Customizing the Reporting Menu in Cognos Analytics

The reporting tool in Cognos Analytics 11.1 provides access to a lot of features that are typically reserved for advanced developers. We show you how you can hide the items you don’t want and get the simple business intelligence reporting you’re looking for.

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Yikes! What Is that NIST Conformance Warning in Cognos?

If you recently upgraded your Cognos BI server to 11.1.2 or later, you might have noticed a big upper-case WARNING when starting up Cognos services indicating that your selected PDF confidentiality algorithm is not permitted. Sounds serious, right? The good news is, it’s easy to resolve.

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Hierarchies in IBM Planning Analytics: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Hierarchies in IBM Planning Analytics are a great tool for providing summarized information that does not exist in the underlying cube. But like Clint Eastwood’s character in Sergio Leone’s epic spaghetti western, this good guy can be tough and gritty in places. Read on for our take on the good, the bad and the ugly with this powerful feature.

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Comparing Reports & Dashboards in Cognos Analytics

With all the capabilities that have been added to Cognos Analytics, it can be unclear as to which is the right choice, a report or a dashboard? There is no simple answer—the choice depends on the business use case. Read on for a reference guide that compares the differences to help you decide the best tool for your needs.

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Flexible Report Design in Cognos Analytics

There are various reasons why you may have several reports in Cognos Analytics that are very similar. In this blog we will focus on one of the more common reasons, date filter requirements. And we’ll provide creative solutions – along with the step-by-step instructions – to consolidate using this advanced reporting technique.

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Windows vs. Linux: What’s Best with Cognos Analytics?

Clients often ask us which OS works best for Cognos Analytics, Windows or Linux. There is no easy answer. It really depends on the needs of your organization. In this blog, we go over the pros and cons of each to help you assess the best fit for your organization.

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