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6 Ways to Publish & Share Tableau Content

We look at six options for publishing and sharing Tableau workbooks and dashboards. We discuss the pros, cons and requirements for each option so you can make the best decision for your organization.

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Lessons & Limitations of Tableau Metrics, the KPI Report Builder

Metrics, released in 2020.2, aim to simplify and automate the previously cumbersome process of building KPI dashboards in Tableau. Do they live up to the promise? We tell you how to build a Tableau metric and offer up some limitations of this powerful new feature.


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Customizing the Reporting Menu in Cognos Analytics

The reporting tool in Cognos Analytics 11.1 provides access to a lot of features that are typically reserved for advanced developers. We show you how you can hide the items you don’t want and get the simple business intelligence reporting you’re looking for.

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How to Use Power BI Datasets in Tableau

Power BI allows Tableau users to leverage datasets that have been published to Power BI service. For organizations that are running both tools, it’s a cake-and-eat-it solution, allowing them to use their tool of choice without rebuilding redundant data warehouses. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the process of using Power BI datasets in Tableau and what you’ll need before you start.

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Creating a Big Numbers KPI Dashboard in Tableau

The use of “big numbers” KPI dashboards has become a managerial must-have report for assessing business performance. But building them into a Tableau dashboard isn’t as easy as you’d think. Learn our tried-and-true method for building a big numbers sales and profit KPI dashboard in Tableau and you, too, can deliver professional, effective KPI dashboards to your decision makers.

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Bimodal Analytics: Bridging the Divide

Most companies use more than one BI tool. We examine the birth of bimodal analytics, the pros and cons of this approach and how to bridge the divide so that the tools run optimally and reduce overhead.

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Tableau’s Ask Data Feature – A Primer

Learn how Ask Data, Tableau’s feature for natural language query works. Who is it intended for? What are its limitations? Highlights? We took Ask Data for an extensive test drive. In this blog we answer all these questions and many more.

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Hallelujah! Tableau to Support Emailing PDFS!

Although a standard feature of many BI platforms, the ability to schedule PDF report emails is not easily accomplished in Tableau. But hallelujah! That’s all about to change with the next release! And this little bit of love from Tableau is likely to bring them lots more love in the way of adoption.

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Work Around for Printing Power BI Reports

Despite its many unique strengths, Power BI has some frustrating shortcomings. First on our list is the printing experience. Read on for a first-hand account of the ironic workaround we needed to implement.

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Power BI Advanced Buttons For Salesforce

Clean, straightforward and well-integrated, the advanced buttons capabilities in the April 2019 release of Power BI enable integration with Salesforce and let you up your Salesforce reporting game. We’ll take you through a simple exercise that scratches the surface of the types of Salesforce reporting you can do with Power BI. Slick stuff. Check it out!

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Power BI’s Paginated Reports – Pixel Perfection Is Here

Hallelujah! The latest releases of Power BI resolve many of the pixel perfect, burstable and paginated report issues that have been chapping our hides. While not entirely hitting it out of the park, Microsoft gives us a much better transitional process.

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How to Create Groups in Tableau

Groups play an important part in everyday Tableau use, allowing you to get around the inconsistencies that arise when pulling data from various sources. Groups let you create custom combinations and hierarchies so you can use data in a way that makes sense for your particular analysis needs. Watch our step-by-step demo of how to create a Tableau worksheet that leverages a group.

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How to Get Around Extract Limitations in Tableau Dashboard Starters

Dashboard Starters for data sources like Salesforce and Marketo are a great new feature from Tableau. But they only work with Tableau extracts, which have limitations. We show you how to get around the tricky task of swapping out a reporting database for Tableau’s default extracts.

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Comparing Reports & Dashboards in Cognos Analytics

With all the capabilities that have been added to Cognos Analytics, it can be unclear as to which is the right choice, a report or a dashboard? There is no simple answer—the choice depends on the business use case. Read on for a reference guide that compares the differences to help you decide the best tool for your needs.

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