Cognos Reporting Tools Report Functionality Comparison

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Cognos Analytics 11.1 puts an arsenal of reporting tools at your disposal. Reviewing the powerful but somewhat daunting array, the challenging question becomes “which tool do I use?” And the answer is…it depends. For instance, how much functionality does your report require? If the answer is a lot, Report Studio is still king. Even with all the new tools, Report Studio continues to reign in terms of offering the widest range of functionality: filtering, slicers, advanced calculations, drill up and down, complex nesting, tuples and more. No other Cognos reporting tool even comes close.

To further help you determine which Cognos tool to use, we put together a comprehensive visual reference guide that lists all the Cognos tools along with 60-plus capabilities. Use it to quickly reference information by report type and functionality, formatting style, output type, visualization support, query support, prompting, printing, security and more. We even rate the tools on their ease of use and development speed.

Download the full guide.

It’s ironic, isn’t it, that having so much choice, while great, can also create a bit of anxiety or frustration? Fortunately, with our handy reference guide, you now have a way to quickly sift through the options in Cognos Analytics and make an informed decision that will ensure you use the right tool for the job.

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