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10 Quick Ways to Prep Data in Tableau Desktop

We share data prep tips you can do quickly in Tableau Desktop to ensure data is as “Tableau friendly” as possible. These 10 straightforward practices will help you produce better performing dashboards, avoid unnecessary calculated fields, and simplify the visualization building process. In a perfect world, we recommend prepping data before it gets to Tableau … Continued

Microsoft Power BI Data Integration Options Comparison Chart created by Senturus
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Microsoft Power BI Data Integration Options: Comparison Chart

If you’re struggling to figure out which of the data integration and transformation tools in the Microsoft Power BI platform is the right one for your organization, we can help. Our comparison chart of five Microsoft options summarizes cost, ease of use, cloud/on-prem, product maturity, feature set, use cases and more.


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Power BI Composite Models: True Reporting Agility

Power BI composite models is a game changer, fundamentally changing how organizations will merge self-service and corporate business intelligence. Authors can bring in their own local data sources while still leveraging the authoritative Power BI or Azure analysis services datasets created by others in their organization.

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Power BI Dataflows vs. Azure Data Factory

Get an easily digestible synopsis of Power BI dataflows and Azure Data Factory, two more popular cloud-based options from Microsoft for enterprise data integration, data prep and data transformation. We provide information for each including the typical audience, the editor used, methods for preparing and transforming data, how the technology works and pricing.

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Power BI: Four Ways to Connect to & Prep Data

Power BI offers many ways to pull in data for analysis. But what approach should your organization take? The answer depends on considerations that include whether or not your organization has an existing data warehouse, your need for real-time dashboarding and the ease-of-use factor for your analysts. We explore four options, outlining the pros and cons of each.

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5 Factors When Selecting a Data Prep Tool for Tableau

There are many options for preparing data for use in Tableau, from built-in tools to third-party platforms. We look at the options and provide five factors to take into account when determining which ones are best suited to the task at hand.

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2018 Gartner Report: The Case for Data Governance

This year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI & analytics report caught our eye, not because of where each software vendor was placed in the quadrants, but because of the emphasis Gartner placed on data governance.

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OLAP: Past, Present…& Future?

Next generation technologies and visualization tools are causing people to question the relevancy of the OLAP cube. But should we be writing off OLAP? To address this question, we do a quick retrospective of where OLAP started and what it brought…and still brings…to the table.

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Manually Scrubbing Data in Excel Is Bad for Your Analytics Health

It is estimated that companies waste over $60 billion annually by manually scrubbing data in Excel just so it can be used in a visualization tool like Tableau. Not only does this practice waste time and money, it isn’t scalable. It leads to inaccuracies, redundancies, performance limitations and security issues. The answer is to automate these data transformation processes and store the data in a data repository.

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Fast Way to Reverse Geocode Bulk Lat/Long Data

What’s about as fun as watching paint dry? Waiting to reverse code a bunch of latitude/longitude data, that’s what. We discovered that Alteryx provides a superfast and really easy solution. Read on for details.

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