Tableau Server Optimization Assessment

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Every day we speak to organizations struggling to extend Tableau from the desktop to a wider enterprise audience with Tableau server. Common concerns include:

  • Slow running visualizations
  • Difficulty connecting & blending data sources
  • Server administration
  • Appropriate guardrails to data access
  • Security
  • Data governance
  • Frequent software upgrades
  • Integrating with other BI platforms

Harnessing the full power of Tableau across the enterprise requires an in-depth understanding of Tableau Desktop, Tableau server and the back-end components.

How it works

Our Server Optimization Assessment is designed to help you address Tableau performance issues and create a deployment strategy for success.

Get to the root of your
Tableau performance issues

During this engagement we

  • Check Tableau Server configuration settings for best practices.
  • Explore hardware sizing and provide guidance.
  • Inspect network/hardware configuration and settings for best practices.
  • Analyze backend data sources and structures.
  • Analyze a sample set of worksheets and dashboards to troubleshoot performance issues.
  • Provide findings and recommendations pinpointing sources of performance issues.

Senturus guarantee

We are so confident that our method works, we guarantee our work. If Senturus does not find and diagnose the factors creating your challenges, you don’t pay.


Revving Tableau Server Performance

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