When a vendor’s migration utility failed to convert almost 4000 of the reports built on its no-longer-supported platform, Senturus quickly consolidated and rewrote the reports, giving the client continued access to the critical information contained within them.


The client is one of California’s oldest independent banks. Their core banking system used a report authoring tool that was no longer going to be supported. The vendor’s migration utility for automatically converting the existing reports to the new tool worked for less than 10 percent of the client’s existing 4000 reports. The majority of reports – some 3600 – would need to be rewritten. Senturus needed to act quickly to ensure continued access to the critical information contained in the impacted reports. 



Senturus assembled a team of experienced developers with a do whatever it takes mindset to meet the migration deadline. Acting quickly and leveraging knowledge of the current and new reporting tools, Senturus ensured the client’s continued access to critical information and reduced maintenance requirements.

  • Rewrote reports and ran quality checks to ensure reports compliant with the new version would be in place before vendor support of the old report authoring tool ended.
  • Rewrote reports to exactly mimic the old tool’s functionality and replicated the results in the new reporting tool.
  • Improved report development processes and consolidated reports along the way.


  • Streamlined the report generation process. An original report design that required a manual two-step process was redesigned to produce the same results in one step.
  • Reduced number of reports needing to be generated and maintained by 75%. In addition to eliminating duplicate and unused reports, Senturus created reports so that multiple permutations could be generated for a single parameter, allowing multiple different reports to be replaced by one.
  • Reduced data model maintenance costs. The original configuration included dozens of data models and changes to data required changes to multiple models. Streamlining the number of models improved performance and reduced maintenance.
Redesigning and consolidating reports ensured a successful system upgrade, decreased maintenance requirements, and streamlined future report creation.

About our client

Founded in 1964, this client is one of the oldest independent family-owned and managed banks in California. A leading retail and commercial bank and mortgage lender, the bank focuses on personalized service for clients.

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