End-to-End Projects

The Senturus project success rate is 3x the industry average. The key to our success is our approach. Applying pragmatic business sensibility to the project structure, we build an agile architecture that lends itself to future change and scalability. Then, we offer training and best practices to ensure broad user adoption—the ultimate hallmark of a successful BI strategy.

  • We structure BI around the business objectives and needs rather than the tools. Failure to thoughtfully and thoroughly perform this critical step is why most BI projects fail.
  • We use an iterative process of rapid prototyping. We get users hands on with a working, drillable dashboard up front to discover what the REAL business needs are.
  • We build with user adoption in mind. We design the system to work the way your analysts and end users do, offering up information in the terms they use every day.
  • We scope the metrics that matter most, develop a program of actions prioritized according to their value to the company, and deploy as quickly as possible.
  • We carry the ball over the finish line with user enablement. We are known for the high caliber and variety of its training and workshops.

End to end projects table