Report Insights

Senturus Report Insights is a must-have utility that accelerates organizing and understanding report content prior to migrating off of Cognos, Power BI or Tableau. By inventorying and cataloging the existing report logic, Report Insights helps organizations easily prioritize, eliminate or enhance reports in preparation for migration. Using Report Insights reduces the risk and cost of a migration, saves valuable QA time and effort, and helps maximize the functionality of the new reporting platform from the start.


Providing a detailed, queryable view of report logic and usage in the existing BI system, Report Insights provides valuable introspection. Get insights into:

  • Report composition
  • Report complexity
  • Report, query, layout component (e.g., list, crosstab, chart and type), and expression use
  • Report redundancy (i.e., copies or permutations)
  • Report use

This is accomplished by analyzing:

  • Report component objects
  • Data items
  • Queries
  • Calculations

Report Insights pulls information from the source BI system into a reporting database for easy analysis for the purpose of migrations, as well as consumption by data catalogs. Pre-built Tableau and Power BI workbooks included with Report Insights can be used against the generated database to quickly and visually dive into descriptive metadata.

Report Insights consists of three components:

  • A utility that extracts pertinent information from the source BI system (e.g. Cognos content store database)
  • A target reporting database where the extracted and parsed report specifications are loaded
  • Standard queries for analyzing the data

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