Data Visualization & Dashboarding, Advanced

Advanced 2 days


In this course you will learn to

  • Perform complex sorts
  • Examine additional visualization types
  • Work with multiple data sources and data extracts
  • Create text-based visualizations and add custom splits
  • Work with calculations
  • Use LOD calculations
  • Add parameters to a worksheet

Included in this course

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Course manual

Suggested attendees

Tableau users.  Required: strong working knowledge of the Tableau environment, building calculated fields, adding a data source and building visualizations.

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Course Outline

  • Complex sorts
    • Discuss why sorted visualizations do not always appear correctly
    • Leverage the INDEX function
  • Advanced visualization types
    • Work with expanding bubble, donuts and clusters
  • Work with multiple data sources and data extracts
    • Create a data extract
    • Discuss custom SQL
    • Create a union
    • Blend data
    • Use data blends with calculated fields including NULL values
  • Create text-based visualizations
    • Work with splits
    • Build regular expressions
  • Advanced calculations
    • Use calculations for statistical purposes
    • Examine the impact of aggregation in calculations
  • Use level of detail calculations
    • Introduce and use level of detail calculations
    • Work with nested level of detail calculations
  • Adding parameters to a worksheet
    • Use parameters to filter
    • Use parameters for other purposes
  • Use bins and sets
    • Create a dynamic set
    • Work with histograms
  • Advanced comparisons
    • Show progress towards goals
    • Create a top-N visualization
  • Advanced mapping
    • Examine additional map types
    • Review automatic geocoding in Tableau
    • Modify geocode locations
    • Perform custom geocoding with data blending
    • Use background images in visualizations for spatial analysis
  • Learn how exact date functions
  • Forecasting and trendlines
    • Explore forecasting
    • Review trendlines
    • Enhance forecasting with the use of trend lines
  • Work with distributions of data
    • Understand and use Pareto visualizations
    • Customize Pareto visualizations
  • Create advanced dashboards
    • Add interactivity to dashboards
    • Use instructions and annotations
    • Add actions to a dashboard
    • Add tabs to a dashboard
    • Add navigation and help to a dashboard
    • Assess performance of a dashboard

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  • Each registered student will receive an email with the course details.
  • Self-paced training subscriptions start when payment is received.

  • Students will receive electronic copies of the course materials and may print one hard copy for their personal use. The course materials are copyrighted and any other reproduction or distribution of these materials is strictly prohibited.

Before class begins, you will need to have a local copy of Tableau Desktop. Download it for free

Instructor-led online

We recommend using two monitors in order to simultaneously view the training presentation and hands-on class work.

You’ll receive a Zoom link to join the class. We recommend using a headset instead of the computer’s microphone and speakers. You may also listen to the audio by phone.

Instructor-led online

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  • 50% refund for cancellations made 5-9 days before the first class
  • No refund for cancellations made less than 5 days before the first class


  • Full refund if cancelling within 24 hours of registration
  • $15 fee for cancellations after 24 hours of registration
  • No refund for cancellations after 15 days of registration
  • Shared subscriptions will be immediately deactivated and no refund issued

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