Designing Flexible Reports in Cognos Analytics

Upgrades, migrations and audits are just a few reasons why you will periodically need to test and validate every single report being used in your organization. It is during these times that you often realize the enormity of the volume of reports that exist (many of which look identical) and wonder if there are opportunities to consolidate. And when you are working in IBM Cognos Analytics, the answer is almost always YES!

There are various reasons why you may have several Cognos reports that are very similar. The three most common are

  • Date filter requirements (monthly, MTD, YTD, and rolling 12 month)
  • Layout requirements by output type (HTML, PDF, Excel)
  • Top-ranked and bottom-ranked filtering requirements (top 2 regions by sales, bottom 3 products by profit)

In this whitepaper, we show you advanced reporting techniques – along with the step-by-step instructions – for consolidating reports for these three common categories.


September Clementin
Senturus, Inc.

September is not only a top-notch Cognos instructor but a hands-on report developer with over 15 years of expert level experience with the Cognos suite and extensive experience with Tableau, Business Objects, Crystal and PeopleSoft.

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