Preparing for Cognos Analytics v11

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By now, you have heard about all the new features of Cognos Analytics. And while there are many good things in store, the truth is that its integration with Cognos BI v10 is not seamless. Learn what you need to know to prepare for Cognos Analytics−before you upgrade.

We tell you what technologies you should be investing your resources in, and which ones you should stop using. Learn which reports you should convert now and what you can leave for later. We also demonstrate a new product that allows you to automate report conversions.

We demo how Cognos Analytics works – or does not – with the following

  • The Studios: Query, Analysis, Report
  • Portal Tab, public folders and Cognos Connection
  • Workspace Advanced and Workspace


Todd Schuman
Cognos Architect

Todd has over 15 years of Cognos experience and heads up the Senturus install, upgrade, and optimization practice.

Jeff Dean
Strategic Accounts Manager

Jeff is responsible for guiding strategic Cognos customers. Prior to joining Motio, he spent over 14 years with Cognos.

Questions log

Q: Is it possible to see Cognos Analytics before installing it?
A: Yes, a trial of v11 is available at Analytics Zone and no license is required to try it.

Q: Is Cognos Analytics cloud-based only or is it also available on-premise?
A: It is available on-premise as well.

Q: When is Cognos Analytics available?
A: V11 is available now.

Q: Do you know how long the Cognos Analytics evaluation period is?
A: We don’t think there is any expiration period to evaluate v11.

Q: When will LCM be shipped with Cognos Analytics to migrate existing reports?
A: IBM says this is coming soon, but no official date has been given.

Q: Our Cognos Framework Manger models are still using 32-bit services does this change when we migrate to Cognos Analytics?
A: No, Framework Manager is still a 32-bit tool. You can publish packages with DQM and use 64-bit report execution if you set it up.

Q: Can I do modelling on the fly with Cognos Analytics?
A: Somewhat, the new data module tool allows joining of table and files. The options are limited when compared to Framework Manager.

Q: Is Cognos Framework Manager web based in Cognos Analytics?
A: No, there is a new data module tool that allows joining of tables and files, but it is not a replacement for Framework Manager.

Q: Has Framework Manager changed in Cognos Analytics?
A: No, Framework Manager remains the same in v11.

Q: Will PowerPlay still exist in Cognos Analytics?
A: PowerPlay Studio still exists in v11, but in a new tab/window. Most of the functionality is available in Workspace Advanced once converted.

Q: Is the upgrade from Cognos BI 10.2.1 to Cognos Analytics an in-place upgrade or full-blown installation?
A: All Cognos upgrades are full-blown installations. Only the fix packs are in-place.

Q: Can I use Cognos Analytics with TM1, Cognos BI 10.2.2, and CAFE 10.2.2?
A: Yes; however, there may be some additional configuration steps needed to integrate everything.

Q: Is it possible to run Cognos Analytics side-by-side with Cognos BI 10.2.2? We have many reports dependent on JavaScript and I was wondering how disruptive that will be?
A: You can run two versions side-by-side as long as you use different installation directories and ports.

Q: Are there any major changes to Cognos Administration in Cognos Analytics compared to Cognos BI 10.2?
A: The Administration Console stays same in v11.

Q: If we don’t have the option of MotioPI does Cognos Analytics have an equivalent tool available?
A: Unfortunately, not yet. IBM indicated that it plans to provide some options in future releases.

Q: What will be happening to Adaptive Analytics in Cognos Analytics? Will it be supported?
A: It is hard to find any information on Adaptive Analytics, which has not been updated in some time. The content should run in v11, but please check with IBM for details.

Q: At the Insight Conference in July 2015, it was strongly suggested we upgrade to Cognos BI 10.2.2 before upgrading to Cognos Analytics, would you recommend that?
A: We have not heard that. There should be no need to for you to upgrade to 10.2.2 before moving to v11.

Q: Are there any changes to security between Cognos BI 10x and Cognos Analytics?
A: So far we have not seen any changes to security.

Q: What changes have occurred in the portal tabs?
A: This is currently a big gap for users migrating to v11. Your existing portal tabs will migrate from Cognos BI to Cognos Analytics, but you cannot be set as a home page. The portal pages will launch in a new tab. The dashboard will probably be the tool to replace this at some point, but it’s somewhat limited currently.

Q: Is there much change to the SDK going from Cognos BI 10.2 to Cognos Analytics? Should we expect to have to rewrite a lot of our automation?
A: We have not had a chance to review the SDK yet. We recommend you check the v11 SDK change log to see if any capabilities have been depreciated.

Q: Will the licensing agreements change in Cognos Analytics?
A: If you already made the change to the new license plan than no, there will not be any additional changes.

Q: Is there a Cognos Mobile link like the one in Cognos BI 10.2.2?
A: We have not had a chance to review the mobile capabilities yet.

Q: Are there any changes to Dynamic Maps in Cognos Analytics?
A: No, Dynamic Maps were introduced as a RAVE Visualization on Cognos BI 10.2.2, so it is a relatively new feature.

Q: Does Cognos Analytics work on Mozilla and Chrome as well as Internet Explorer?
A: Internet Explorer is always the preferred web browser with Cognos. V11 only supports Internet Explorer v11. For full browser support, review the compatibility notes at:

Q: Is Web Gateway configured differently with Cognos Analytics? Is IIS still supported?
A: There are currently some additional steps required to set up the gateway. It can be left out if you do not need SSO. IIS is still supported.

Q: How do we get to the Admin Console in Cognos Analytics? Previously it was accessed using the Launch menu.
A: The Admin Console is under the “Manage” link in v11.

Q: Is Cognos BI 10.2 Cubes supported in Cognos Analytics?
A: Yes, Cubes are fully supported in v11.

Q: Does Cognos Analytics allow users to create new portal tabs?
A: No, a new portal tab or page is not available in v11.

Q: What are the content store database requirements for Cognos Analytics for SQL server?
A: Please refer to the compatibility notes at:

Q: Does the capacity planning remain the same in Cognos Analytics?
A: So far, yes.

Q: What impact is there, if any, when Active Reports is migrated to Cognos Analytics?
A: There is no impact to existing Active Reports, they will migrate 100% to v11.

Q: Will short-cuts to Report Studio reports convert over to Cognos Analytics?
A: Yes.

Q: Will report views be available in Cognos Analytics?
A: Report views are included in the references mapping job from Motio.

Q: Is there a quick way to identify Query and Analysis Studio reports?
A: You can run audit reports out of the box. For enhanced capabilities, Motio has many features to help, usually it is package/Cube based.

Q: Is Cognos Analytics compatible with Query Studio report?
A: You can use Query Studio, but it comes up in a separate tab from the new v11 content.

Q: The biggest advantage of Event Studio to me has been the ability to NOT send a report if the report would be blank (rather than sending a blank report, which is what Report Studio would do). With Event Studio going away, how can this be done in Cognos Analytics?
A: We have yet to find a suitable replacement for Event Studio in v11. You can continue to use Event Studio for now and perhaps a new tool will be made available soon.

Q: How do I convert Analysis Studio to Cognos Analytics?
A: There is no automated process for converting these reports. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss the best approach to handling this.

Q: When we convert Query Studio reports to Report Studio, we’ve found the filters become non-editable and we must manually drop and recreate them. Is this a known issue?
A: Yes, this appears to be an issue. The filter is still applied, but is no longer editable.

Q: What is replacing Event Studio in Cognos Analytics?
A: As of today, there does not appear to be a comparable tool in v11.

Q: Is the Dashboard tool in Cognos Analytics a replacement for Active Reports in Cognos BI 10?
A: No, Active Reports is still a major tool in v11. Dashboard is more of a replacement for Workspace.

Q: How do I run reports in Cognos Viewer and how do I export reports to Excel in Cognos Analytics?
A: All reports run in the viewer, clicking on the pencil icon will enable editing with an export option similar to Cognos BI 10.

Q: In Cognos BI 10, I can create events in Event Studio if a date in a table is changed, it triggers a job and distributes multiple reports. Will that still be available in Cognos Analytics?
A: Event studio is still available in v11, but only for a limited time as it has been tagged for removal in the near future.

Q: What are the content store database requirement for Cognos Analytics for SQL server?
A: Refer to the compatibility notes listed here for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and 2014:

Q: Is Cognos Workspace collapsed into Workspace Advanced in Cognos Analytics?
A: No, Workspace and Workspace Advanced remain separate tools. In v11, Workspace Advanced and Report Studio are merged into one tool. In the new version, Workspace will run in a new tab/window.

Q: If we are on Cognos BI 10.1 Business Insight Advanced, do reports created in this studio integrate with Cognos Analytics?
A: Yes, Business Insight Advanced is now Workspace Advanced. These reports will fully integrate into v11.

Q: Did I just understand you to say Workspace dashboards that are created in Cognos BI 10.2.1 or 10.2.2 will NOT be usable in Cognos Analytics and there is no real way to convert them?
A: Workspace dashboard will come over in v11, but will launch in a new tab. It will be depreciated in the near future.

Q: When will Senturus offer a Cognos Analytics Admin course?
A: Our training team is in the process of creating this course. Please check our Training Schedule often for details.

Q: What are the main differences between the visualizations in Cognos BI 10.2.2 and Cognos Analytics?
A: There are many, so we will do a webinar in the future on this topic.

Presentation outline

Farewell to Studios

  • Query Studio and Analysis Studio supported for one more release
  • Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio, Metric Studio and PowerPlay Studio all open in new tab using old interface
  • Single reporting tool in Cognos Analytics
  • Report Studio and Workspace Advanced reports are fully integrated
  • Interactive / non-interactive concept
    • Potential JavaScript issues

Cognos “Dis”-Connection

  • Public folders is now team content
  • My Folders is now My Content
  • Portal Tabs open in new window – cannot create new or set as home
  • Search index built it – no more scheduling

Preparing for Cognos Analytics

  • Halt development of non Report Studio / WSA content
  • Convert existing content into Report Studio / WSA

Convert Query Studio Objects to Report Studio Objects

Replace Any References to the Old Objects

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