Preview of Cognos Analytics Version 11-Demo-Senturus 



December 03, 2015

New Features

Totally New User Interface

See our on-demand webinar for the new functionality for 11.1.6.

With Cognos Analytics v11, IBM has taken self-service analytics head on. In this recorded webinar, our guest from IBM previews the new functionality including the user-friendly interface with great visualizations.

Cognos Analytics will be widely available at the end of 2015. Highlights of the changes include:

  • Interactive and personalized self-service reporting that provides answers without involving IT
  • No more multiple studios, just one clean, simple UI with intuitive functionality for reporting and dashboard needs
  • The added functionality of modeling on the web

Our other on-demand webinars highlighting Cognos Analytics new features


BI Report Authors, BI Report Consumers, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, IT Managers, IT / BI Executives (CTO), Business Executives (CEO)


Cognos Analytics, Cognos BI


Jim Youldassis
Business Analytics Portfolio Architect


Cognos Analytics Portal – Welcome Screen

  • Easy access to samples
  • Coach marks to guide users

Navigation Revamp

  • New sliding panels for each section
  • Helps to retain current context
  • Allows easy navigation with minimal complexity

Content Management

  • Manage content in wide view
  • Create folder, sort, copy, move and more
  • Properties

New Names

  • Search: Newly redesigned
  • My content: Content from my folder
  • Team content: Content from public Folder
  • Recent: List of all recently used assets

Portal Pages & Tabs

  • Opens in new browser tab, outside of the new UI
  • Cannot set them as home
  • Cannot create them


  • Cannot be set as home
  • Planned to create as shortcuts for the users


  • Authoring interface merges Report Studio and Cognos Workspace Advanced
    • It’s the same studio under the covers
    • It uses same XML report specification

Other Items

  • Prompts have slightly different appearance
  • User interface profiles not available
  • Templates now in template folder
    • No more editing XML file to customer template palette

Query Studio & Analysis Studio

  • Studios still available
  • No changes in functionality or look
  • Launches in new browser tab

Existing Reports Assets

  • Existing reports are upgraded in “non-interactive” mode by default
  • Switching to “interactive mode” will remove all JavaScripts and prompt APIs
  • Query Studio reports -> no change
  • Analysis Studio reports -> no change
  • Saved outputs -> no change
  • Report Views -> no change
  • Report properties -> no change
    • Name, descriptions, security

Cognos Workspace

  • Opens in a new browser tab
  • Fully functional (filter, toolbar actions, drill)
  • Can edit, create new dashboards
  • Cannot set as home
  • Removed: Do More, new report widget


  • Basic administrative capabilities
  • Targeted at the departmental admin
  • Simplified UI

Uploaded Files

  • Existing reports will continue to work
  • 2.2 My Data Sets are no longer updateable
  • Re-upload your data using new upload files feature

Schedules & Subscriptions

  • All schedules and jobs are maintained
  • Users can now subscribe to reports
  • The report is delivered to their notification center on a schedule

Data, Metadata & Query

  • Framework Manager, models and packages as is
  • Compatible Query Engine (CQE) as is
  • Dynamic Query Engine (DQE) as is
  • Dynamic Cubes and Cube Designer as is
  • PowerPlay and Transformer as is

Infrastructure Changes

  • Gateway removed
  • Moving internal APIs from SOAP to REST
  • Life Cycle Manager will be updated and will ship later


Embeddability& Partner Apps

  • Viewer URL APIs should continue to work
  • SDK is unchanged
    • Some APIs may no longer work
    • New UIs are not part of the SDK
  • Portlets to embed content in third party portal unchanged
    • SharePoint
    • WebSphere

Other Changes

  • Event Studio – No change (opens in new browser tab)
  • Metric Studio – No change (opens in new browser tab)
  • Cognos Office Connection – No change
  • Drill-through definitions – No change (opens in new browser tab)
  • Cognos mobile native apps – Remove access to regular reports and consume Active Reports and CW only